Cellulite / Stretch Marks

Anti-Cellulite 14 days Intensive treatment Set Lirene 2*100ml

CODE: E08076

38.00 CAD
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LIRENE 14 days Intensive Anti-cellulite treatment set: Scientists inspired by professional anti-cellulite cryolipolysis treatments and thermal lifting,... More

Body Shape remodeller cellulite and fat reducer Cellu out 3%

CODE: E08075

38.00 CAD
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Body shape remodeller cellulite and fat reducer Cellu-Out 3% An absolute breakthrough in the fight against cellulite! The breakthrough ingredient... More

Pharmaceris M TOCOREDUCTâ„¢ forte Stretchmark Reduction Balm

CODE: E1482

47.00 CAD
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TOCOREDUCT™ forte Stretchmark Reduction Balm reduction of stretch marks and intensive firming A special body balm tailored to the needs of... More

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