Babor AGE ID Makeup

BABOR presents a completely original concept in the new AGE ID COLLECTION that highlights every woman’s natural beauty. It is an extraordinary make-up line with modern ingredients which has been created in collaboration with the international star make-up artist Peter Schmidinger. The line consists of two components: an innovative application technique -exclusively developed by Peter Schmidinger for easy at home use- and a revolutionary make-up collection which complements this technique perfectly, providing not only beauty but nurturing skin care as well. The new luxurious products provide protection, treatment, regeneration and color in one; thanks to the lifting complex of active ingredients developed especially for the line and made with natural ingredients. The new AGE ID Makeup has been developed for all women who have
experienced the benefits from decades of professional BABOR expertise,
and who would like to continue doing so at home. Appear beautiful – day in, day out.

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