Babor Skinovage PX Pure ( Acne & Blemishes)

Is your skin prone to blemishes? Do you have an uneven complexion? SKINOVAGE PX PURE products which are gentle yet strong and effective are essential for treating blemished or stressed skin. BABOR SKINOVAGE PX PURE provides the perfect balance with natural ingredients combined to meet the special needs of impure skin.

The BABOR SKINOVAGE PX PURE line regulates the skin flora to combat impurities and visibly refine the structure of the skin. Independent dermatological tests confirmed a 34% reduction in skin impurities after 28 days.

But SKINOVAGE PX PURE can do even more. When used regularly, this skin care system effectively prevents skin irritation and impurities – for lasting beauty with anti-aging effect! Purifying Anti-aging cream at the same time reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Gives skin a clearer, more even and youthfully fresh appearance.


  Product Product code Price  
Babor intense balancing fluid ampoule Babor Intense Balancing Fluid

CODE: 408200

42.00 CAD
Babor Pure Day Cream Skinovage PX Daily Purifying Cream

CODE: 475200

40.00 CAD
Babor Pure Mask Skinovage PX Intense Purifying Mask

CODE: 475500

32.00 CAD
Babor pore refiner Skinovage PX Pore Refiner Lotion

CODE: 472100

68.00 CAD
Babor Pure Select Lotion Skinovage PX Pure Purifying Anti-Aging Lotion

CODE: 475000

67.00 CAD
Skinovage Pure Select Cream Skinovage PX Purifying Anti-Aging Cream

CODE: 41816

70.00 CAD

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