Pharmaceris W uneven pigmentation

Choose Pharmaceris W dermocosmetic line if your skin is prone to freckles or has developed hyperpigmentation due to sun, hormonal changes or medicines. You will get rid of spots and feel complete satisfaction.
Pharmaceris W dermocosmetics effectively lighten the skin and reduce spots and hyperpigmantation thanks to triple whitening complex which blocks melanin synthesis on 3 levels. The products also protect the discolourations from light.

Skin with discolourations

What are the causes of discoloration?

Human skin contains special pigment cells whose function is to produce melanin – a pigment protecting skin cells against ultraviolet radiation. Under normal conditions, pigment production is triggered by sun exposure (through a hormone called α-MSH), and the amount of the pigment produced is regulated by the intensity of the radiation. Melanin is then transported to the upper layers of the epidermis where the pigmentation becomes visible. Sometimes, however (usually due to hormonal abnormalities or a local inflammatory reaction), the pigment production can be disturbed. Some medicinal products may contribute to this disorder. As a result of impaired pigment production, dark, well-defined spots appear on the skin, mainly in the areas that are commonly exposed to the sun, such as the face and the hands.

How to care for skin with discolorations?

The key principle is to avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Another important thing to remember is that even if the discolorations have been lightened, they will reappear after skin exposure to UV radiation. Day creams with UV filters are indispensable. Another step is lesion lightening through the use of products with active pigment formation inhibitors.


CODE: 1478

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DEPIGMENTATION SERUM TO TREAT DISCOLOURATIONS ACIPEEL 3X INDICATIONS: This serum is recommended for night use as a whitening treatment for the... More

Pharmaceris W MELACYD 4% Lightening Dermo-protective Cream SPF50

CODE: E1473

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MELACYD 4% Niacinamide Lightening Dermo-protective Day Cream SPF50 special care  Indications: Recommended for the daily care of skin with... More

Pharmaceris W MELACYD INTENSE Skin Lightening Cream Night care

CODE: 1474

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MELACYD-INTENSE Intensive Skin Lightening Cream 4% Niacinamide special care  Indications: Recommended for the daily care of skin with... More


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ANTI-DARK CIRCLES CORRECTIVE EYE CREAM OPTI-ALBUCIN INDICATIONS: For daily care of delicate skin with visible dark circles, brown spots and... More

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