Cleansers / Make-up Removers / Exfoliants


CODE: 411000

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Hy-Ol Description: BABOR CLEANSING is the first step to beautiful skin. BABOR has combined the natural cleansing power of oil and water to create a... More

Pharmaceris T PURI-SEBOGEL Antibacterial Face Gel Wash

CODE: E1424

28.00 CAD
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PURI-SEBOGEL  Antibacterial Face Gel Wash Daily cleansing of acne-affected or oily skin prone to breakouts and with existing acne... More

Babor Cleansing Gel &Toner 2 in 1 for oily skin

CODE: 411070

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CLEANSING CP Gel & Tonic 2in1 A refreshing, oil-free cleansing gel and face tonic with the BABOR-exclusive, detoxifying extract of Agrimonia... More

Pharmaceris T PURI-SEBOTONIQUE Normalizing Toner

CODE: E1421

25.00 CAD
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PURI-SEBOTONIQUE Normalizing Toner    Indications:   Cleansing of oily skin prone to acne, blemishes and clogged pores.... More

Pharmaceris T SEBO-MICELLAR MICELLAR SOLUTION For delicate face cleansing & make-up removal

CODE: E1425

28.00 CAD
SEBO-MICELLAR MICELLAR SOLUTION T For delicate face cleansing & make-up removal    Daily cleansing of acne-affected or oily skin... More

Babor Phytoactive Combination for oily skin

CODE: 411600

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Babor Cleansing Phytoactive Combination for oily and combination skin Description: This water-soluble herbal extract for oily and combination... More

Babor Cleansing Mild Peeling

CODE: 411072

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CLEANSING CP Mild Peeling A mild facial peel with the BABOR-exclusive, detoxifying extract of Agrimonia eupatoria . BABOR CLEANSING CP Mild Peeling... More

Babor Cleansing Set ( Hy-Ol &Phyto) Limited edition!

CODE: 411001

65.00 CAD   59.00 CAD
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Limited Edition Cleansing Sets with Hy ol and Phytoactive! 60 th anniversary eddition!   Babor combined the natural cleansing powers of... More

Cleanology Enzyme Peeling

CODE: E2169

36.00 CAD
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Cleanology Enzyme Peeling Cleansing peeling for cleansing dry skin. It contains papain , which removes dead skin cells gently, effectively and without... More

Pharmaceris N PURI-MICELLAR Cleansing Micellar Make-up Remover

CODE: E15001

28.00 CAD
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PURI-MICELLAR Micellar solution for delicate face & eye cleansing and make-up removal Indications: The micellar solution is recommended for the... More

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