Cleansers / Make-up Removers / Exfoliants

Pharmaceris N PURI-CAPIMIL Gentle Cleansing Face Lotion

CODE: E1521

25.00 CAD   20.00 CAD
PURI-CAPIMIL Gentle Cleansing Face Lotion ( Milk) face cleansing Indications: For daily cleansing of delicate skin of the face and around the... More

Babor Cleansing Eye Make up Remover

CODE: 411073

22.00 CAD
In stock
CLEANSING CP Eye Make up Remover A mild bi-phase eye make-up remover with the BABOR-exclusive, detoxifying extract of Agrimonia eupatoria .... More

Pharmaceris A PURI-SENSILIQUE Calming Moisturizing Face Toner

CODE: E1638

25.00 CAD
In stock
PURI-SENSILIQUE  Calming Moisturizing Face Toner face cleansing  Indications: Toner for daily cleansing and care of the face and... More

Pharmaceris N PURI-CAPILIQUE Strengthening Capillaries Gentle Toner

CODE: E1522

25.00 CAD
In stock
PURI-CAPILIQUE Gentle Strengthening Toner face cleansing  Indications: Cleansing and conditioning of skin with dilated and fragile... More

Pharmaceris N PURI-CAPEELING Gentle Enzyme Peeling Cream

CODE: E1528

25.00 CAD
In stock
PURI-CAPEELING Gentle Enzyme Peeling Cream face cleansing  Indications: Exfoliation for skin with dilated capillaries.  Action:... More

Pharmaceris T PURI-SEBOTONIQUE Normalizing Toner

CODE: E1421

25.00 CAD
In stock
PURI-SEBOTONIQUE Normalizing Toner    Indications:   Cleansing of oily skin prone to acne, blemishes and clogged pores.... More

Babor Cleansing Thermal Toning Essence

CODE: 411074

25.00 CAD
In stock
CLEANSING CP Thermal Toning Essence A hydrating spray for the face and body. Pure thermal spring water from Aachen , which is rich in minerals... More

Babor Phytoactive Combination for oily skin

CODE: 411600

28.00 CAD
In stock
Babor Cleansing Phytoactive Combination for oily and combination skin Description: This water-soluble herbal extract for oily and combination... More

Pharmaceris N PURI-MICELLAR Cleansing Micellar Make-up Remover

CODE: E15001

28.00 CAD
In stock
PURI-MICELLAR Micellar solution for delicate face & eye cleansing and make-up removal Indications: The micellar solution is recommended for the... More

Pharmaceris T PURI-SEBOGEL Antibacterial Face Gel Wash

CODE: E1424

28.00 CAD
In stock
PURI-SEBOGEL  Antibacterial Face Gel Wash Daily cleansing of acne-affected or oily skin prone to breakouts and with existing acne... More

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