Pharmaceric E - dry atopic skin

Dry skin

What makes skin dry?

For a well-balanced skin, appropriate hydration levels of its outer layers must be ensured. Water content varies from 80% in the deeper skin layers to 10-30% in the outermost layers. Even such low water content is sufficient to ensure normal function of the epidermis. However, if it drops below this level, the enzymes in the skin stop working normally, the process of dead cells slough-off is disturbed, and the skin becomes matte and unevenly toned. The epidermis loses elasticity and breaks easily, while wrinkles develop earlier and are more visible. This may be caused by deficiencies in the lipid layer of the skin. The skin loses water much more rapidly and becomes excessively dry. Another important factor is a deficit of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors). NMF is a complex of small molecules with water-attracting properties. They are found in the epidermis and protect it from moisture loss. If the levels of NMF components are excessively low, water loss is more difficult to control. Dry skin is a very common condition affecting many people, and its causes may vary. For instance, many cleansing products, especially alcohol-based, remove both impurities and the protective lipids from the epidermis leaving the skin without a protective layer which prevents it from water loss. Ultraviolet radiation, extreme temperatures and air pollution also have a harmful effect on the skin. The condition tends to worsen in winter as the difference between the outdoor temperature and indoor temperature is usually high.

How to care for dry skin?

People with dry skin are advised to limit baths (particularly in chlorinated water), use soft towels, avoid woolen garments (tiny wool fibers cause continuous mechanical irritation to the skin), and, if necessary, use air humidifiers. Moisturising products which reconstitute the levels of the NMF and are free of any irritating components (such as fragrance additives) are also helpful.


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