Babor Hydra Plus fluid

Babor Hydra Plus Fluid with Hyaluronic acid

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Hydra Plus Fluid

Effectively treat skin that is dry and in need of intense hydration with this new fluid that works to activate the skin’s own moisture binders while creating a moisture reservoir deep within the skin.

This effective concentrate hydrates dry skin lacking in moisture. A high-grade complex of hyaluronic acid and a polymer moisturizer supply intensive moisture and helps prevent moisture loss from the skin. Instantly gives the complexion a fresh and smooth appearance.

Replenishes the skin with the moisture it needs

Rebalances moisture content with hyaluronic acid

For plumped up and fresh-looking skin

This rapid thirst-quencher supplies intensive moisture and creates a protective film, binding the moisture in the skin with a long-lasting effect.Hyaluronic acid in both large and small molecules binds and supplies moisture. Polymer moisturizer - forms a thin film and prevents moisture form escaping. For all skin types and weather conditions.

  7 ampouls*2 ml each.