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Hyaluron Cream

A dehydrated skin is not a matter of age.

Young or old, the daily negative environmental impact, such as daily stressors (overload), causes the skin to constantly lose moisture.

Discover the Hydro Cellular, the innovative hydration specialist for the dehydrated skin and the first dry lines.
The new, intensive care formula of Hydro Cellular with 3-fold hyaluronic acid and HY-3 peptides completely hydrates the skin. In addition, the skin's hyaluronic acid synthesis is supported from the inside and from outside the fluid balance is stabilized at the same time by reducing the moisture loss. The moisture deposits of the skin are filled and the skin is hydrated up to 50% *.

The result: dry eyes are reduced visibly and the skin tone looks smoother, more vital and firmer.
* Dermatologically tested and approved with 20 subjects: Hyaluron Infusion in combination with Hyaluron Cream.

Pleasantly light, highly effective cream for the multidimensional supply of moisture on and beneath the surface of the skin and to protect the skin from drying out.

HYDRO-HYPE EFFECT: From Inside + Outside
From Inside: Rehydrates the skin from the inside by stimulating the skin's own hyaluronic acid synthesis and optimizing the skin's ability to retain moisture.
From Outside: Stabilizes the skin's moisture content by providing an intense and long-term supply of moisture and effective protection against loss of moisture by reinforcing the skin's natural protective barrier.

Without fragrances

The moisture deposits of the skin are replenished and the skin is provided with up to 50% more moisture * - for a smoother, smoother and more prone skin. * Dermatologically confirmed with 20 subjects: Hyaluron Infusion in combination with Hyaluron Cream.

- 3-fold hyaluronic acid. The combination of low, medium and high-molecular hyaluronic acid intensely supplies moisture at various levels deep within the skin.
- HY 3-Peptides.  Activate the skin's own hyaluronic acid synthesis in the epidermis and the dermis. At the same time, the formation of decorin and lumican is stimulated, which as collagen-binding proteins, belong to the group of proteoglycans (basic substance of the extracellular matrix) and ensure the structured arrangement of collagen fibers in the connective tissue. Effect Intensely plump the skin from the inside and smooth out lines and wrinkles.
- NMF-Moisturizing-Complex. The combination of the non-essential amino acids serine, alanine and proline as main components of the NMF intensely increases skin's ability to store moisture. At the same time, the biologically derived ferment extract from the pseudoalteromonas bacteria regenerates and restructures the skin's natural protective barrier.  Effect Optimizes the skin's ability to store moisture in the long term. 
- Biopolymers
- Vitamin E: Traps free radicals
- Panthenol
- Almond oil

 50 ml