Babor Skin Care

The BABOR story is a story full of innovations. The beauty revolution began in 1955 when Dr. Michael Babor patented the unmatched HY Oil.
When Dr. Babor Ltd. was founded in Cologne a year later, it kicked off the beginning of a new era in institute cosmetics. Dr. Michael Babor chose the rose as the company symbol. The purchase of the company by the Vossen family in Aachen was another milestone for BABOR. The businessman Dr. Leo Vossen, a devotee of natural beauty, led the company on location in Aachen with great enthusiasm. He thus lay the foundation stone for the sustainable success of the Babor brand.

For Dr. Leo Vossen, skin care products that are in harmony with nature, that enhance well-being and bring out individual beauty were the trend of the future. They were also part of a responsible and sustainable company philosophy.
In addition to natural products and innovative active ingredients, BABOR has always attached great importance to quality as well as in-house research and development. To this day holistic high-tech treatment concepts are being developed at the headquarters in Aachen using the best nature has to offer and the most innovative scientific discoveries; concepts that regularly attract attention.
Since the company’s founding in 1956, BABOR has expressly renounced animal testing. It goes without saying that in future BABOR will not conduct or commission any animal experiments to test its products.
Our high quality and purity requirements as regards raw materials and strict quality controls guarantee a very high degree/level of security and quality of our products.

In the development of our BABOR products we mostly abstain from
◦PEGs (polyethylen glycols)
◦synthetic silicon oils
◦mineral oils that irritate the skin
◦paraffins and paraffin derivatives
◦animal-based raw materials

BABOR is a pioneer in professional skincare.

With our expert knowledge, we translate the secrets of the finest, natural active ingredients into luxury skincare products that provide maximum effectiveness and skin compatibility.

The result – for the past 55 years: Individual skincare systems Made in Germany offered in combination with professional beauty treatments that meet the needs of even the most discerning clientele and ensure a lastingly healthy complexion. BABOR – Pioneering beauty.

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