Dr Irena Eris Skin care

The Dr Irena Eris company was established on the basis of dreams, passion and hard work, and continues to develop thanks to all the people who have helped in its creation.

The Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories was established in 1983 as a cottage industry with a single employee and producing a single kind of cream. Over twenty four years have passed, and there is nothing left to remind one of the firm's humble beginnings. It now has 500 employees, produces a million units a month, has a range of several hundred cosmetic products and the Dr Irena Eris brand is now one of the most highly valued and recognized brands in Poland. The following are the other values, which just as twenty years ago, so today are extremely important to the firm: High quality, reliability and honesty, respect for people, innovation and a modern approach to all operations. Dr. Irena Eris and her husband Henryk Orfinger are the firm's founders.
In 2001 we started our own Centre of Science and Research of Dr Irena Eris where teams of biologists, molecular biologists, dermatologists and allergologists do unique research on the skin cells – fibroblasts and cells of vascular endothelium. Unique in the cosmetic branch in-vitro research on the skin cells (fibroblasts, keranocites and melanocites) is done in the Centre.

Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratory S.A is the only cosmetics manufacturer in Poland and one of the few in Europe and worldwide to carry out advanced research using in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo methods in our own Research Centre. Research results are presented on international conferences and published in scientific journals, including major scientific periodicals included in the ISI Master Journal List, a list of scientific journals created and updated by the Institute for Scientific Information. See publications.

Modern production of good quality skin care products requires a technological expertise. Cosmetics and skin care products are currently produced in conditions similar to those required to produce pharmaceuticals, i.e. with high standards of cleanliness and production care. But in order to provide a safe and efficient product we needed the scientific capability. Therefore we developed our own Dr Irena Eris Scientific Research Centre with modern laboratories which allow to conduct diversified research.
Tests carried out in the Research Centre take two distinct directions and largely exceed the required framework. The first type of innovative research serves to determine the behaviour of isolated skin cells influenced by cosmetic raw materials. This means that the effectiveness of the new active ingredients is observed and analysed on cell cultures. Another sphere of research – efficacy tests – provides an undeniable proof of the properties of a given cosmetic product as they confirm the declared mechanism of action of the product on the skin and allow to evaluate its usage properties.

The most important dates:

1983 - the founding of the firm

1987 - the opening of a new plant on Chopina str. in Piaseczno

1989 - a decisive year in the history of Poland and for the firm unlimited possibilities for development, a new plant on Staszica str. in Piaseczno and the purchase of land for the construction of a new factory on Armii Krajowej str.

1993 - opening of the factory on Armii Krajowej str.

1995 - the launch of the Forte line, the first exclusive cosmetics to be made in Poland (using innovative ingredients)

1995 - opening of the first Dr. Irena Eris Skin Care Institute

1996 - the company awarded the international certificate ISO 9001

1997 - the Dr. Irena Eris Hotel & SPA in Krynica Zdrój begins operations

1998 - the use of vitamin K in a cosmetics product (the first firm in Europe to do so)

2001 - the company opens the Dr. Irena Eris Research Centre, in which in vivo and unique in vitro research into human skin cell culture is conducted 2001 - the firm obtains the international certificate ISO 14001

2002 - the firm becomes the first in the world to use folacin, i.e. folic acid in cosmetics products

2004 - our company is the first in the world to examine and use in cosmetic products a complex comprising PhytoDHEA + folacin + kinetin (Young&Unique line by Dr. Irena Eris)

2004 - the cornerstone is laid for the second hotel – Hotel SPA Dr. Irena Eris Wzgórza Dylewskie in Mazury district of Poland

2004 - our products are available in the UK from the largest British drugstore chain – Boots.

2004 - Dr. Irena Eris Center for Science and Research was one of the founders of Polish Platform for Alternative Research, presented scientific achievements at several international conferences and published studies in numerous Polish and international professional journals.

2004 - the chain of Dr. Irena Eris Skian Care Institutes amounts to 20 branch offices in Poland and 2 abroad

2004 - our company is awarded several prestigious prizes (Excellence of the Year by Twój Styl, The Best Beauty Product, Beauty Premium, IT Leader, and other)

2005 - Dr. Irena Eris brand is awarded the international Superbrands 2005 prize

2005 - Dr. Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratory products receive prestigious international awards and distinctions (Prix d’Excellence Marie Claire, The Sunday Times Beauty Awards 2005 nomination, Gold Glamour award by the British edition of Glamour)

2006 - the company opens the second Hotel SPA Dr Irena Eris (Wzgórza Dylewskie)

2006 - Hotels SPA Dr Irena Eris in Krynica and in Wzgórzach Dylewskich, as the first in Poland receive the ISPA certificate

            The innovative technology Nano Entrée based on smaller, faster and highly precise nanocarriers. This innovation is a skin care breakthrough technology

2007 - the selective line InCell by Dr Irena Eris are present in Sephora Stores in Chech Republic.  

          The technology of precise delivery of active ingredients inside the cell was used in Dr Irena Eris In Cell products.
          We introduced a new line of products Dr Irena Eris Sin Skin with–  endonuclease and photolyase enzymes which repair UV – induced  DNA damage.
          In vivo research laboratory acquired PRIMOS – a hi-tech device designed for measurements of the skin surface.

2008 - The innovative line of cosmetics Dr Irena Eris Fortessimo Mitochondrialna Energia with ergothioneine which helps cells to obtain energy, protects them from damage and reduces damage caused by UV light.
             A new line of products Dr Irena Eris Body Art Hungry Skin Technology based on latest research on ‘longevity’ protein – Sirtuin.

2009 - A new line of anti-wrinkle dermocosmetics Pharmaceris Neoscope based on the innovative technology InflammixTM which blocks  inflammatory micro-processes and as a result counteracts skin aging.
            Dr Irena Eris Scientific-Research Centre used ex vivo method for the first time to test the effectiveness of cosmetic products (Dr Irena Eris Incentive).
            Confocal microscopy Vivascope was used to evaluate the effectiveness of Dr Irena Eris The Highest Technology inside Ecology products.
            Ultrasonography was used to evaluate the effectiveness of anti-cellulite dermocosmetics Phamaceris C.
2010 - The new line TELOMERIC was introduced


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