Acne & Blemishes

Babor Cleansing Gel &Toner 2 in 1 for oily skin

CODE: 411070

37.00 CAD
In stock
CLEANSING CP Gel & Tonic 2in1 A refreshing, oil-free cleansing gel and face tonic with the BABOR-exclusive, detoxifying extract of Agrimonia... More

Babor Intense Balancing Fluid

CODE: 408200

42.00 CAD
In stock
BABOR FLUIDS FP Intense Balancing Fluid The fluid prevents blemishes and leaves the skin looking more even and refined. Contents: 14 ml Item number:... More

Baborganic Pure Mattifying cream

CODE: 408305

90.00 CAD
In stock
Balancing cream for oily and combination skin: mattifies and refines. Pure clacier water from Mont Cervin moisturizes, while meadowfoam seed oil repairs... More

Mineral Cleansing Face Mask

CODE: E2160

48.00 CAD
In stock
MINERAL CLEANSING FACE CLEANSING MASK WITH WHITE CLAY The Dr Irena Eris Prosystem Home Care Professional Skin Care Programme, available only in... More

NormaMat Hydrating - matte nectar day cream SPF20

CODE: E2351

55.00 CAD   49.00 CAD
In stock
NORMAMAT Hydrating - matte nectar day cream SPF 20 Nectar-cream has The light, non-oily texture nectar-cream absorbs quickly making the skin... More

NormaMat Hydrating sebum normalizing night cream

CODE: E2352

55.00 CAD   49.00 CAD
In stock
NORMAMAT Hydrating sebum normalizing night cream Night cream has a strong regulative effect and is recommended for daily care of normal and... More

NormaMat Set to start

CODE: E23517

110.00 CAD
In stock
NORMAMAT SET to Start A 3 stage day and night beauty care with SET-to-START NORMAMAT is a solution: 1] NORMAMAT mattifying... More

NormaMat Spherical cleansing peel

CODE: E2353

35.00 CAD
NORMAMAT Spherical cleansing Peel Spherical cleansing peel normalizes excessive sebum secretion targeting specific areas of skin. It gently removes... More

Pharmaceris T PURI-SEBOGEL Antibacterial Face Gel Wash

CODE: E1424

28.00 CAD
In stock
PURI-SEBOGEL  Antibacterial Face Gel Wash Daily cleansing of acne-affected or oily skin prone to breakouts and with existing acne... More

Pharmaceris T PURI-SEBOTONIQUE Normalizing Toner

CODE: E1421

25.00 CAD
PURI-SEBOTONIQUE Normalizing Toner    Indications:   Cleansing of oily skin prone to acne, blemishes and clogged pores.... More

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