Mature Skin

Advanced Eye Shadow Base

CODE: 508600

20.00 CAD
In stock
A cream-to-powder base to increase longevity of shadow and cover imperfections. Babor Advance Eye Shadow Base features a long-wearing cream-to-powder... More

Age Conceal Foundation #2 Light

CODE: 546202

44.00 CAD
In stock
Age Conceal Foundation  As the best-selling foundation in the Classic Line, this foundation formulation was selected to be carried over and... More

ALGORITHM 40 + Impressive Recovery Night Cream

CODE: E2911

82.00 CAD
In stock
ALGORITHM 40 + Impressive Recovery Night Cream The cream provides a dramatic biological skin renewal by the use of breakthrough Reproductive Cell... More

ALGORITHM 40 + Instant Moisture Mask

CODE: E2913

58.00 CAD
In stock
ALGORITHM 40 + Instant Moisture Mask An innovative rescue mask designed to quickly revitalize the skin and reduce any signs of fatigue and... More

ALGORITHM 40 + Supreme Renewal Advanced Serum

CODE: E2912

72.00 CAD
In stock
ALGORITHM 40 + Supreme Renewal Advanced Serum   A face and neck therapy in the form of light concentrated emulsion designed for all types... More

ALGORITHM 40+ Radical Renewal Day Cream SPF20

CODE: E2910

78.00 CAD
In stock
ALGORITHM Radical Renewal Day Cream SPF20 The cream is based on the breakthrough Reproductive Cell Technology™ responsible for the renewal of... More

Azelac RU Liposomal Depigmenting Serum

CODE: 208040

65.00 CAD
In stock
Azelac Ru Liposomal Depigmenting Serum ( Sesderma) Spain Azelac RU is effective, fast acting and safe in the treatment of melasma, post... More

Babor Cleansing Mild Peeling

CODE: 411072

30.00 CAD
In stock
CLEANSING CP Mild Peeling A mild facial peel with the BABOR-exclusive, detoxifying extract of Agrimonia eupatoria . BABOR CLEANSING CP Mild Peeling... More

Babor Cleansing Set ( Hy-Ol &Phyto) Limited edition!

CODE: 411001

65.00 CAD   59.00 CAD
In stock
Limited Edition Cleansing Sets with Hy ol and Phytoactive! Babor combined the natural cleansing powers of oil and water and highly active botanicals to... More

Babor Collagen Vitality Fluid 2015

CODE: 424448

59.00 CAD   42.00 CAD
In stock
Perfection in an ampoule of glass 2 mililitres of high-tech beauty, the first drop to the last: the miniature glass ampoules from BABOR contain highly... More

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