Babor Skinovage PX Vita Balance

BABOR regularly introduces its latest scientific findings and trailblazing innovations in ingredient research in its SKINOVAGE PX concept.

For the first time, plant stem cells can protect the youthfulness of the skin – thanks to pioneering biotechnology.

Skinovage PX is a multi-functional eyetem that is in harmony with the individual nature of your skin.

Our modern -day environment places special demands on our skin. It needs effective protection against environmentally induced skin aging vaused by UVA rays and free radicals, and the natural mechanisms in individual skin types also need support.

In additional to special active ingredients for specific skin types, all Skinovage products contain precious Alpine stem cells, which protect the skin premature aging, as well as the molecular catalyst OsmoTec, which improves the skin's ability to process active ingredients.

SKINOVAGE PX is developed in line with Babor's quality standards:

* with a skin-identical pH value, proven effectiveness and compatibility

and FREE Of PARABENS - for a visible improved coplexion.

Clinic Way - patent for beautiful skin!

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