Pharmaceris N Dilated Capillaries

Dermocare of skin with capillary problems

Choose the dermocosmetic Pharmaceris N line if you have reddened skin with permanently dilated capillaries called "spider veins" and you have a feeling of burning or warmth on your face. You will be pleased with the effect of Pharmaceris N cosmetics and others will notice it.
The Pharmaceris N line dermocosmetics strengthen and constrict the walls of blood vessels, reducing the existing reddenings and preventing development of new ones. They have a calming and soothing effect. They make a comprehensive skin care program.

 Innovative components

 The products effectively reduce visibility of dilated capillaries and prevent development of new ones due to the use of innovative components:
• diosmin and hesperidin complex
• special algae complex

Diosmin - hesperidin complex:   decreases permeability of blood vessels and reduces skin reddening

Algae complex:   has an anti-inflammatory effect

                                   decreases the level of VEGF – a factor responsible for enlargement of existing blood vessels and formation of new ones.

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