Spa Mediteranee ( hands & feet)

The unique, specialized products in BABOR’s new SPA Méditerranée for feet range are designed to complement one another ideally. A unique active complex of basil, tomato and olive, which was specially developed for this line, works in four ways to ensure beautiful feet. It supplies the skin with moisture, has a calming effect, regenerates the lipid film and also has beneficial astringent properties.
Pamper the stressed skin on your feet, and your toenails too, with the nutrient-rich active ingredients that have gathered their strength and energy in the Mediterranean sun. For beautifully groomed, summer-fresh feet – the whole year through!

The unique active complex of almond milk, apricot kernel oil and extracts of melon and peach that was specially developed for SPA Méditerranée for hands, contains valuable active ingredients and the energy of the Mediterranean sun to pamper stressed skin on the hands. The complex provides intensive moisture, soothes unpleasant feelings of tension in the skin and has a visibly smoothing effect. For beautifully groomed hands and nails that grow long and strong.

Babor Daily Hand Cream

CODE: 406500

30.00 CAD
Babor Daily Hand Cream  A soft cream for the daily care of the hands. Contains nori algae, which also provide additional UVA protection for... More

Babor Repair Hand Cream

CODE: 406600

30.00 CAD
Babor Repair Hand Cream A rich hand cream for demanding skin. Contains precious active Mediterranean ingredients derived from almond milk,... More

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