VitaCeric - vitamin C line


An Energy boost for skin lacking in vitality!


VItaceric is an advanced energizing skin care solution for young active women, desighned to help them maintain a healthy-looking complexion and delay skin ageing. It is especially recommended for dull skin lacking its natural glow.

An innovative energizing MULTI.VIT ENERGY COMPLEX rich in vitamins and minerals extracted from Spanish oranges and lemons invigorates the skin and promotes its regeneration to restore its healthy glow and beauty. Thanks to the synergic action of the products and the addition of protective and detoxifying ingredients, the beauty line stimulates self-repair of skin damage to visibly improve the texture and colour of the complexion.

VitaCeric Energizing Day Emulsion SPF 15 for oily & combination skin

CODE: E2410

70.00 CAD
In stock
VITACERIC Energizing Day Emulsion SPF 15 Combination and oily skin. This lightweight, quickly-absorbed emulsion contains an innovative MUTI.VIT... More

VitaCeric Pore Minimizing perfecting serum for oily & combination skin

CODE: E2416

72.00 CAD   68.00 CAD
In stock
VITACERIC Pore Minimizer Perfecting Serum Combination and oily skin. PORE-MINIMIZE EFFECT perfecting serum in an effective skin smoothing and... More

VitaCeric Radiance Effect Lightening Serum

CODE: E2417

72.00 CAD
VITACERIC Radiance Effect Lightening Serum Normal and dry skin. A highly concentrated skin lightening serum which prevents... More

VitaCeric Revitalizing Night Cream

CODE: E2412

75.00 CAD
In stock
VITACERIC Revitalizing Night Cream  An innovative blend of potent anti-oxidants and hazelnut oil has a powerful stimulating effect on cell... More

VitaCeric Vitalizing Day Cream SPF 15

CODE: E2411

70.00 CAD
In stock
VITACERIC Vitalizing Day Cream SPF 15 Normal and dry skin. This moisture-replenishing, vitalizing cream for normal and dry skin contains... More

VitaCeric Vitalizing Eye Cream

CODE: E2413

65.00 CAD
In stock
VITACERIC Vitalizing Eye Cream for day and night use. The synergic action of the advanced actie ingredients contained in the cream initiates... More

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