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HSR® HIGH SKIN REFINER - We have been conducting research for over 50 years so that you can look younger every day.

With the development of the HSR® lifting and HSR® de luxe ranges, we have once again succeeded in combining our many years of experience with holistic research to identify innovative active ingredient complexes, which not only reduce the signs of aging but also visibly reduce the aging of the skin.

Our researchers have been setting new standards in anti-aging research for over 5 decades. We were working with collagen and hyaluronic acid back in the 1950s. In the 1980s, we used liposomes as the ideal carrier medium to transport active ingredients deep into the skin. Our secret for success lies in the fact that we combine the expertise of various scientific disciplines and continue to discover new correlations. Dermatologists, botanists, geneticists and diabetologists were all involved in the development of HSR® lifting and HSR® de luxe, along with specialists from the most wide-ranging areas of research. This is how we continue to create trendsetting innovations.

HSR Extra-Firming Cream

CODE: 410050

138.00 CAD
In stock
Babor HSR Extra-Firming Cream Luxurious lifting cream with unique anti-wrinkle effect. Protects collagen and elastin fibres Significantly... More

HSR Extra-Firming Eye Cream

CODE: 410300

101.00 CAD
In stock
Babor HSR Extra-Firming EYE Cream   Luxurious eye care cream with unique anti-wrinkle effect. Contents: 30 ml Item number: 410300 ... More

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