Babor Soft Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow Collection 4 colours - Delicious

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Eye Shadow Collection 4 in 1

New  Delicious Secrets collection silky four- colour eye shadow with one applicator.

The star of Mystic Shadows Makeup Looks is the Quattro eye shadow .

The Delicious Eye Shadow Collection consists of four silky, shimmering eye shadow shades , ranging from a dark to a light beige, Bordeaux, Anthracite.

Silky eye shadow contains plant oils, beeswax and wheat starch to smoothen the skin.
- Soft texture covers perfectly, is long lasting and makes the eyes shine with up to date colours.
- Lifting complex consisting of sea fennel, lupines oil, vitamin E and the moisturizing amino acid complex L-PCA offers protection from environmental stress while nourishing and regenerating the skin.

Includes 2 eye shadow applicators.

9 gr