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ALGORITHM 40 + Supreme Renewal Advanced Serum

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ALGORITHM 40 + Supreme Renewal Advanced Serum

A face and neck therapy in the form of light concentrated emulsion designed for all types of mature skin for women over the age of 40. The serum optimizes and prolongs the effects of the cream. Natural properties of algal biomolecules used in the Reproductive Cell Technology™ ensure dramatic renewal of cells in the base of the dermis by stimulating not only synthesis, but also maturation and cross-linking of its fundamental components, i.e. collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. At the same time, a technologically advanced multi-purpose polysaccharide and vitamin complex obtained from sea algae Rhodophytes phylum and the fruit of Citrus Aurantinum instantly restores skin properties upon serum application, leaving the complexion:
- perfectly smooth (93%*), - optimally hydrated (83%*), - extremely delicate and soft to the touch (93%*), - full of freshness (93%*) and youthful vitality.
The rejuvenation effect not only can be seen and felt immediately after serum application, but also strengthens and continues over time. Monthly therapy with the serum produces:
- significant improvement in the overall condition of skin (by as much as 60%**) - reduction in the depth and number of wrinkles by 19%** 

*Results of in vivo tests conducted at the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research
**Results of instrumental measurements performed at the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research after 4 weeks of product use.
Recommended for use under day and/or night cream, on a daily basis or as a periodic treatment. Wait for the serum to absorb (about 30-60 sec) before applying the cream.

Capacity: 30 ml Impressive Recovery Night Cream